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Updated 23 November 2005

Where can I go?

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Gay Day Tour

Join Connect's Gay Day Tour to Kai Island. This is the only Gay tour in SE-Asia on a schedule all year round every week since 1999. Going on this tour might create your best holiday memories ever! We are going every Saturday all year round.

Despite there are 17 beautiful beaches there are no real gay beach or nude beach here. Patong Beach has a "gay area" just in front of the beach rescue tower near to the tourist police and Immigration office. You will recognize most of the guys here from the Paradise Complex area.

Patong has 2 saunas in the gay area. Both of them have swimming pool, steam room, dry sauna, sun deck and gym. One has also dark-room and a Jacuzzi. You can get massage from a male masseur in both places. Popular late afternoon until early evening

"Thai style" gay venues
Pub/Bar with hosts available to "off". Be prepared to be sitting next to a host from the bar asking you to pay for a drink (to start with).

"Western style" gay venues
Hassle free gay venues. Friendly atmosphere without hustlers.

Dance bar/music pub
Music pubs with live music. No gay venues but several mixed in Patong and Phuket town.

There is one gay disco in Patong and 2 mixed. Phuket town has 3 mixed discos.

Cabaret-/transvestite show
There are several dedicated cabaret-/transvestite shows in Patong. Some go-go bars have cabaret shows.

Sex show
Sex shows are (under this present government) illegal in Thailand.

Great fun! The karaoke clubs listed here are very popular among gays and they have songs from all over the world. Pick you favorite and go for it!

After Beach
Most of the gay venues open at the night-time. Connect is however open from 9 in the morning and is popular both with locals and the tourists. You can check your Internet E-mail, have some light snacks and a beer and chat with your friends. Connect restaurant serve "all day" breakfast and have a extensive menu with Thai and western food.

For many westerners, massage is an infrequent indulgence. In Asia massage is used for all sorts of therapeutic need as well as for pure enjoyment. Only a few massage places have male masseurs.

The only cinema is in Phuket Town. The brand new Cinema multiplex shows movies with original soundtrack or dubbed to Thai. Check carefully so you do not choose the wrong one.

If you are in Patong just go to Paradise Complex or to the beach at late night. If you are really into cruising go to Phuket town and visit the Suan luang Park on Chao Fa rd. This park can compete with the best cruising places in the world. Very busy after 8 PM until 2 AM when the bars and disco close. Phuket town does not have any gay venue (only mixed) so this is the place to meet. Many locals go here. Some speak good English but not all.
Saphan Hin area is not recommended for cruising.
As always in parks - Be careful.
AYOR (at your own risk)

Patong has an uncountable number of restaurants. Patong has a few "gay restaurants" and several that are very popular among gays.

Night life in Patong
There is no gay scene outside Patong Beach and the gay scene in Patong has been rapidly transformed over a couple of decades from one bar only, to a vibrant modern gay scene. The anchor or nucleus of the gay scene is the popular Boat Bar Disco in Paradise Complex with a professional cabaret show and an outdoor terrace bar, located in an enclave of 30 gay venues in the "Paradise Complex".
You can get the latest updates and the Gay Patong Map from Connect Guesthouse, which is also the early evening meeting point. The Paradise Complex offers numerous pubs, a gay saunas, restaurants, pool bars, and Internet cafes.
The biggest cabaret show is the Simon Cabaret but it is perhaps more interesting for straight tourists who want to have a look at the katoys (transvestites).
One other show worth mentioning is the Phuket Fantasea Show ( It's a brand new mix of Thai culture, a Las Vegas Show and a pinch of Disney World all rolled into one.

New social order crusade

Since the recent beginning of the enforcement of the existing Thai laws and the Ministry of Interior's New Social Order Campaign we are changing the web site accordingly. We are not allowed to "advertise" prostitution venues.
This web site contains a listing of many Gay venues and venues of special interest to Gay visitors. Prostitution is illegal in Thailand and this web site does not promote prostitution.
This site can however not take any responsibility if any of the listed venues are involved in any form of illegal activities. Any parties that are concerned are welcome to give us feed back information to in any case of discrepancies to the Thai law and we will update the information immediately.
This web site promotes Gay tourism to Thailand NOT sex tourism. Thailand is one of the best countries in the world for Gay people to travel to. It's safe, the people are very friendly, the climate is fantastic, the beaches on Phuket are amazing. The Gay scene in Patong is more mature than just a couple of years ago and you can experience a wonderful hassle free holiday on Phuket Island. Welcome to Thailand, Phuket Island and Patong Beach. Links to updates about the new social order campaign
Floating lotus news index
Dreaded ned news
Dragon Castle News

Travel Tips
Packing Light: is the way to go: When travelling to shopping destination like Bangkok, you really don't need to pack a lot of clothes. You can find a lot of cheap, quality clothing there and can even have them tailor made in 2 days for a very low price.

Bringing Your Luggage on Board: If you're planning to take your luggage on board, try to book a seat near the rear of the plane. This will ensure that you will be one of the first to board the plane and you don't have to worry about finding an overhead space for your luggage.

Transformers and Converters: When travelling to a foreign country with a different electricity system you'll need a transformer or a converter. Thailand has a 220 Volt system

What's on this page?

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Queen of of The Boat Bar Cabaret Show

Our Gay Patong Entertainment list covers more than 50 gay venues in Patong and now also Phuket town including discos, pubs, bars, restaurants, coffee shops etc.

This is the only web site with updated listings of all gay venues in Patong along with other venues being "gay popular".

We can provide the information you need to find your way around here, then it's up to you to judge and find your own favorite spots.

This web site promotes Gay tourism to Thailand NOT sex tourism.

Enjoy your stay!

Latest news:
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Every Saturday

Gay Day Tour to Koh Kai
Every Saturday all year round. Join us on an exclusively Gay Day Tour to Koh Kai (Egg Island). Beach barbecue lunch and free drinks included. Visit our beach photo gallery with over 600 photos and a streaming VDO.

Every Sunday

Enjoy Connect's Sunday Buffet for only 200THB / person. Thai and International food all year round. The Buffet starts 8 PM (20:00)

Every Year (February)

Phuket Gay Pride
The gay festival began in 1999 and its organizers were commended for having very successfully brought Phuket's gay community together for the first time ever and for having gained the acceptance and support of the entire Phuket community including the Mayor of Patong for this annual event. The next festival will take place on 3 February - 6 February 2005. The following are on the programme: parties, a gay day tour to Kai Island, volleyball and bowling tournaments, an art exhibition and a lot more beside.
More information and a lot of pictures about the festival is available at
Phuket Gay Pride Festival
Patong offers a very exciting and interesting night life and we are sure that you will find your own favorite venue. When you have, please feel free to vote for your favorite Phuket gay venue at Dreaded Ned's excellent web site.

It's recommended that you collect some information before entering the gay scene in Patong. Please check our general information pages for some general information about the gay scene in Patong.

Highly recommended reading is The Men of Thailand 7th Edition. Buy it here! (In association with
>>> Please note that not all venues on this page are entirely gay. We have listed some of these establishments because we know that they are popular among gays and that they might be of your interest when you visit Patong. <<<

More listings of gay venues in Patong are available on the following pages:


Southern Thailand is flanked by the Andaman Sea to the west and the Gulf of Thailand to the east and enjoys an abundance of beautiful beaches and gorgeous islands. Phuket Island is the pearl of Southern Thailand and is a must for every sun and sea-addicted gay or lesbian.
Patong Beach is the busiest beach with a gay night life you never expected to find anywhere. The Paradise Complex is the focal point of the gay scene offering everything from saunas and restaurants to a busy gay disco.
Phuket town do not have any specific gay bar. Many gay's go cruising in the Suan luang park, meet at the Monkey Zone or at the beer gardens, disco or music clubs.

If you are looking for solitude or a more secluded beach holiday you have a choice of 16 other beaches to relax on in Phuket, but don't expect much gay night life. There are also many nearby islands for overnight staying. These are easily booked at one of the travel shops on Phuket. The most famous beaches on Phuket Island are Patong. Kata and Karon are the most popular among package tourists (with children). Bang Tao Beach at the north end of the island is the resort area where you find most luxury resort hotels.
The ever-smiling Thai people are always friendly and are always willing to help. This might be a bit cumbersome in the beginning if you are visiting from a country where you never expect help or never talk to strangers without a purpose. The real culture shock will however not strike you until you are back home and you start to realize the difference. Believe me, you will soon start planning your return trip to Phuket.

Phuket Gay Festival3-6 February 2005
Things to do & see of general interest for both gays and straight
Gay Patong Map Print out this map and you will find your way around

Category listing : Patong

  • Aquarius

    Show Bars:
  • My Way
  • Passport
  • Spartacus A-bar
  • Tangmo
  • Uncle Charlies
  • Super Boys

    Hassle free Bars:
  • Connect
  • Jochen's
  • Flying Handbag
  • Monte Carlo

    Beer bars:
  • C U tonight
  • The Club (new 2004)
  • F1
  • Heaven Bar
  • James Dean Bar
  • James Dean @ Friend Bar
  • J & B Bar
  • Jungle Boyz
  • Maprang Bar
  • Time

  • Jacks (new 2004)
  • Viwat
  • Gay accommodation
  • Gay Guesthouses and Hotels

  • The Boat Bar (gay)
  • Banana Disco (mixed)
  • Safari (mixed)

    Music pub:
  • Galaxy (mixed)
  • E-San la prao (mixed, new location)

    Katoy/Transvestite Shows:
  • Boat Bar
  • Koh Joy Restaurant Closed
  • My Way
  • Simon Cabaret
  • Tangmo Cabaret Club
  • Uncle Charlies

    World award winning show:
  • Phuket FantaSea (mixed)

    Popular "gay" Restaurants:
  • Restaurants

    "Gay" Karaoke:
  • Marn-Ya karaoke
  • Ruby Slipper
  • Super Boys
  • Twilight
  • Maeng Cup
  • E-San La prao

    Massage by male masseur.
  • Aquarius
  • Spartacus

  • Phuket town Listing

    Beer garden
  • Fever Corner (mixed)
  • James Beer Garden (mixed)
  • Sure Beer garden (mixed)
  • Ta Yai (mixed)

  • Dibuk restaurant (mixed)
  • Krajok-See Restaurant (mixed)
  • Disco
  • X-zone (mixed)

    Music Pub
  • Jammin (mixed)
  • Seua Saming (mixed)
  • Kor Tor Mor (mixed)
  • Timber hut (mixed)

  • King Rama Park, Suang Luang Park.

  • A-Z entertainment listing Click for Map

  • Aquarius
    Aquarius Gay sauna, men only. Sauna, Steam room, Jaquzzi, Bar, Massage, Gym.
    Location: Paradise Complex

  • Banana Disco
    Has for many years been very popular among they gay crowd. Gays still go there, but as there are more discos in Patong now Banana is less gay than it used to be.
    Location: Beach Road

  • Boat Bar
    Patong's only gay disco with a popular cabaret shows every night around midnight. Boat Bar gets busy when the show starts at midnight. No entrance fee.
    Check out their picture gallery!

    Location: 125/19 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in - last building on the right ) Tel 66-(0)76- 341237

  • Connect Restaurant Bistro & Bar with Guesthouse
    Hang out, surf the Net, get local information and your free Gay Patong Map here.
    Swedish owned. The only gay venue open daytime from 10.00 in the morning until (around) 01.00 night time. Ask for the Gay Day tour to Kai Island.
    Air conditioned restaurant with Thai and European food. 25 clean and quiet rooms with double glass windows. All rooms with A/C, private bathroom, Internet, telephone, mini-bar, electronic safe.
    Location: 125/8-9 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in). connect-468x60-pixels.gif - 8546 Bytes

  • C U tonight
    Bar. Open daily from afternoon until late.
    Location: 125/13 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex. Tel 66-(076)-344445

  • The Club
    Bar. Open daily from afternoon until late.
    Location: Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex, middle walksway.

  • E-San La Prao
    Thai Music bar with a Thai live band. Popular among locals from north east of Thailand, the E-san district. No western music but a very interesting experience in Thai schlager music and dance. Not many tourists here, mixed gay and straight. New location on the dead end road from the junktion road to Karon.

  • Fever corner
    Beer Garden in Phuket town

  • Flying Handbag
    Bar without hosts, Popular with many of the expats living in Phuket. Location: Behind Connect in Paradise Complex
  • Galaxy
    A mixed air conditioned dance bar/music pub, popular (especially among the locals) and crowded if you go there late. Big screen video/TV. Thai live music. No entrance fee. Low priced drinks.
    Location: 163/12-14 Soi Sunset.

  • Heaven Bar
    Small bar. Heaven Bar has a long history and has been very popular during the years.
    Location:133/14 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex.

  • Jammin
    Music club in Phuket town. Very popular. Great live band and sound system. (mixed)
    Location: 78/28 Bangkok Road (opposite Yee Teng Complex), Phuket Town.
    Phone: (0) 7622 0189

  • Thippaluck
    New go-go bar. This bar has a Northern Thai style decoration.
    Location: 125/7 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in, next to Connect), Telephone 66-(0)76-340863

  • Jame's Beer garden
    Popular beer garden in Phuket town.

  • James Dean Bar
    Bar and guesthouse rooms. Open daily from 16.00 until 02.00
    Location: 125/10 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in). Telephone 66-(0)76-344215,

  • J&B Bar
    Small outdoor Bar on the way out of Paradise Complex Location: Soi 2 paradise Complex

  • Jochen's
    Gallery, food, beverage. German owned bar. Limited food menu. Open daily from early morning until around midnight.
    Location: 123/4 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in opposite Connect). Telephone 66-(0)76-345291

  • Jungle Boyz
    Bar outside Paradise Complex, next to Siam Palm.
    Location: Aronsom Plaza, Patong

  • Kor Tor Mor
    Popular music pub restaurant in Phuket town (mixed)
    Location: Phuket Town

  • Lair Lay Thong Restaurant
    Popular Thai Restaurant on the same street as Kenyas and Sea Hag restaurant.

  • Maprang Bar
    Open even after the lights go out.
    Location: 123/1 Rath-U-Thit Rd, (way in) Paradise Complex

  • Monkey zone (Phuket town)

  • Monte Carlo
    Gay owned guesthouse with bar. There is a small restaurant area with 4 tables at the backside of the guesthouse. Location: 135/9-11 Rath-U-Thit rd. In the middle of Paradise Complex. Tel 66-(0)76-340815,

  • My Way
    The bar with cabaret shows at midnight. No entrance fee.
    My Way is recently renovated
    Location: 125/15-17 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex.

  • Maeng Cup
    New popular Karaoke Bar. Open Late. Popular among local gay's
    Location: Patong, Same street as E-san Laprao

  • Passport
    This bar is in classic Thai style bar.
    Location: 125/3 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex next to Bingo Restaurant. Telephone 66-(0)76-344366

  • Phuket FantaSea (not gay)
    Not gay but very interesting and worth visiting. Phuket FantaSea is a Vegas-style theme park showing Thai culture. You can dine in the biggest dining room in the world, watch the spectacular show (dancing, fire works, laser, elephants) and do some shopping in the shopping arcade.
    Location: At Kamala Beach, 20 minutes from Patong.

  • Ruby Slipper
    Karaoke Bar
    Location: Patong, Paradise Complex, (way in)

  • Safari (mixed)
    A very popular disco/night club with sea food restaurant and 5 bars.
    No entrance fee. Location: On the way to Karon Beach.

  • Sea Hag Restaurant
    Popular air conditioned restaurant with Thai and western food in 2 floors. Location: Beach road 78/5 Soi Permpong (Soi Wattana clinic)

  • Seua Saming
    New Disco Bar in Phuket town. No shorts or flip flop shoes, this place has a dress code. Excellent decoration. Popular at week ends.
    83-85 Thanon Yaowarat. Phuket town, Phone 09-4722746

  • Simon Cabaret
    The biggest transvestite cabaret show on Phuket Island and one of the best in Thailand.
    Entrance fee 500 Baht for Economy class, 600 Baht for VIP seats. The entrance fee includes one soft drink. Shows at 19.30 and 21.30. Location: On the way to Karon Beach (100/6-8 Muu 4), not so far away from Safari.

  • Spartacus
    A very nicely designed and decorated bar. Location: 123/5 Rath-U-Thit Rd, Paradise Complex (on the way in, opposite Connect and between Jochen's and Patong A-bar.

  • Super boys
    Small and old but very cozy bar. Changes to a Karaoke after 2 AM
    Location: Follow the sign to the right from Sawadiirak Road (between the school and Beachroad.)

  • Sure Beer garden
    Beer garden in Phuket town

  • Ta Yai
    Beer garden in Phuket town

  • Tangmo Cabaret Club
    Bar with show around midnight. New location opposite Connect.

  • Timber Hut
    Music club in Phuket town
    Location: 118/1 Yaowarat rd, Phuket town

  • Time
    Bar. Open daily from afternoon until late.
    125/12 Rath-U-Thit Road, Paradise Complex (on the way in)

  • Twilight Karaoke
    Karaoke bar
    Location: 135/6-7 Rath-U-Thit Road (in the middle of Paradise Complex), Patong Beach.
    Phone: +66 (0)76 345 338

  • Uncle Charlie's
    This bar is now located in Paradise Complex just opposite the Boat Bar.

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